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I sometimes think about the relative youth of my country and the brevity of our lives. We live in an age that has seen more changes in the areas of society, the economy, technology, and security than in almost any other point of history. We live in a time that will likely be studied for centuries to come. My generation and the next will inherit a world nothing like that of its predecessors.

It was while flipping through a copy of Robert Frank’s The Americans that I really began to question many of these changes and think about what the places he visited would look like today. I further felt a lack of connection to a country I was born in but had hardly seen. After getting Frank’s well wishes, I decided to undertake an epic American road trip to discover just that, and retrace his route around The United States while making a series of my own.

Retracing America uses some of Frank’s visual and conceptual themes as a framework while introducing contemporary themes as well. The project continues to explore the country’s complex social relations and its obsession with consumerism and religion. It also examines the contemporary topics of technology, the internet, and cell phones.

I saw the trip as a spiritual pilgrimage for a young photographer. Many parts of the trip, like visiting Jay, New York on the 4th of July, were as if I was no longer just studying the history of photography, but visiting it. It has was and continues to be an exploration in the grandest sense, both literally and photographically.

After completing the trip, I’ve realized that America isn’t always an easy place to make a rosy picture. Despite that, though, the trip reassured my faith in the generosity of the common stranger. The kindness and company Frank found in hitchhikers is the same spirit I found in many a couchsurfing host.

The Project has made me interested in discussing a way to merge street photography and conceptual photography at a time when conceptual photography is so greatly favored. By making the project self referential to the genre, it also considers the genre’s state of affairs in the post-modern narrative.

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